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Hi all!

This week has had a bit of a media theme, plus plenty of guidance updates to keep up with! Here’s a round-up from our interval:

What’s new 🎁

Our translated graphics on the tier-system are now available on our website in 15 languages!

Our co-founder, Shiron Rajendran, speaks about our work and motivation with Southampton University

I help BBC Asian Network produce an informative video on the new vaccines in Tamil - you can find a full set of videos in various South Asian Languages here

And a wonderful short graphic for students staying at university during the holidays!

Coming up 🔭

We take on the newest guidance for the festive period including a Christmas hiatus and changes to self-isolation

Addressing the sad rise in domestic violence during lockdown and…

A round-up of our ventures, efforts and incredible volunteers/partners to bring the year to a close

Collaboration 🤝

We’re always looking to co-create with organisations to offer information to those that need it most!

Interested? Please send us an email at:

For more much-needed content in the most-accessible form, stay tuned 🙏🏾

Venu and the COVID-19 Infographics’ team

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