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To our new family,

Thank you for coming aboard our journey to bridge the gaps in health communication! Here’s a round-up from our week:

What’s new 🎁

Our translated graphics on the second national lockdown are now available on our website in 16 languages!

We collaborate with the amazing SSSEC again to share information to the Punjabi community

And a wonderful short graphic to combat loneliness during lockdown

Coming up 🔭

We tackle vaccines and the misinformation surrounding it.

A collaboration with Doctors of the World to expand the reach of their incredible work, and…

Addressing the sad rise in domestic violence during lockdown

Collaboration 🤝

We’re always looking to co-create with organisations to offer information to those that need it most!

Interested? Please send us an email at: covid19infographics@gmail.com

For more much-needed content in the most-accessible form, stay tuned 🙏🏾

Venu and the COVID-19 Infographics’ team

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